Counselling and Psychotherapy

As a qualified and experienced Integrative Psychotherapist Jeff Bentley offers his clients a calm, friendly, confidential and therapeutic environment. His professional support is provided in a genuine and non-judgmental way which creates an opportunity for you to talk through your difficulties.

"I believe we all have the capacity to change and improve our situation. I also believe that with professional support you can find ways of coping which in turn will help you to move forward." Jeff Bentley UKCP MSCPTI

If you are..............

Feeling lost and isolated

Struggling with loss or bereavement

Anxious or depressed

Experiencing a lack of self worth

In a difficult relationship

Troubled by trauma

Needing to discuss a personal crisis

TLC Counselling can help.

I provide a confidential and supportive place to talk through your issues. I will pay close attention to what you say so that I can understand your situation and see things from your point of view. My training is in Integrative Psychotherapy, which enables me to adopt an approach directly suited to your needs. I can work with you on a short term basis or longer if appropriate.

A couple of comments received from my clients:

the first time in 40 years, on the anniversary of my best friends death, I can celebrate the time we had together and not kill myself over what happened and why!! That's down to you and the help you gave me!! Thank you so much!!!!"

"Thanks is a small word especially when you put me back together. Thank you. Forever grateful."


Many people have found the support available from a professional psychotherapist to be invaluable. Such support allows you to express your emotions, feelings and thoughts in a safe and therapeutic environment. This helps you to clarify the issues you face and to identify some solutions.

In addition to my private practice in Pickering I have been a member of a team providing counselling support to individuals in the Bridlington area. Here I received referrals from the medical profession including the local Mental Health Team and worked with individuals (a large percentage being men) who experienced a range of personal issues including: stress, depression, loss, bereavement, childhood trauma, abuse, PTSD, lack of confidence, low self esteem, self harm, acute stress disorder, anxiety, relationship difficulties, anger and problems associated with drug or alcohol abuse.

Fees: £35.00 per hourly sessions. There is no fee payable for our first session.

Contact Jeff on: 07899 822766 or 01751 477439 to make a mutually convenient appointment. All appointments are held at the clinic.